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Isabella Harper has been putting her imagination to good use since she was a child. Throughout school, she would get caught reading or creating a story of her own instead of doing whatever it was that she was supposed to.

For now, she is fulfilling her life with her husband and being a stay at home to her two young children, at home in Texas. When she’s not working on obtaining fitness certifications, writing a new contemporary Southern romance, or spending time with family, she’s probably enjoying a weekend in the countryside.

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About The Trouble With Never

Summer McKenzie is starting fresh. With her soon to be ex-husband in another state, she’s ready to start over in her small Texas town. That is, until she runs into the one person that has never gone too far from her memories, or her heart.

Since graduating college, Caleb Davis has planted roots in the form of a thriving BBQ business. He’s got everything he’s ever wanted, except the one woman that he could never have. It’s clear she’s had a painful past, but he wants nothing more than to create a promising future.

Will she let love heal old wounds, or will she let her fears push him away?

Excerpt from The Trouble With Never

“God, I’m so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention. I’m so late and I–”

“Summer? Summer McKenzie?” A deep voice rumbled through her apology.

Crap. That was a name she hadn’t gone by in a long time. Coming home to a small town made it impossible not to run into people, but after avoiding all human contact for a week, she had been ready to come unhinged.

She glanced up from fumbling with her purse, keys, and phone to lock eyes with a pair of startling blue ones. Taller than she remembered, he filled out all the right places. His dark hair was a little unkempt in a sexy way, and the blue oxford rolled up at the elbows showcased his eyes. His hands were shoved in the pockets of jeans that fit snuggly over muscular legs. A woman would have to be dead not to notice how the good-looking boy she’d once known had grown into a handsome man.


“I heard you were back.” A quiet observation, not the accusatory tone she received from so many.

She searched his face for judgment but found only silent questions. She mentally thanked him and softened a little.

“Yes, I’m back. It’s been awhile.” Waves of guilt ebbed at her. Her choices had effectively severed a valuable friendship; one that she’d missed in the years since they’d drifted apart.

“How’ve you been?”

Since it was more of a southern hospitality question than a nosy one, it made her want to fall back on old habits. There’d been a time in her life when she’d have told him anything, and vice versa. But they were different people now.

Oh, you know. Just came to the conclusion that I’ve been a pretty doormat and cheated on for the past six years, maybe longer. My life has been one giant lie. I allowed someone I thought loved me to drive a wedge between me and those I hold dear. How have you been?

All the reasons why she stood in the middle of downtown Gardenia crashed to a head. Heat and embarrassment colored her cheeks.

Who am I kidding? Who would want me with all this baggage?

Not that it mattered; there was no time in her plan for a relationship. Nor room in her heart. Although, she suspected the one in front of her had never left it.

“I’m late for a class. I can’t really stay and chat …”

You just told him you were late a second ago, say something else.

She scolded herself for fidgeting.

You’re leaving, calm down.

Easy enough to tell herself, when she wasn’t staring into the eyes of the first boy she’d ever kissed. Even if she had been five at the time.

Nope, no time for that.

“I don’t want to make you any later then,” he grinned, his white teeth framed by soft lips and dark stubble. He stepped to the side and motioned for her to pass. “You look good.”

A flush stained her cheeks then drained as she realized she wore clingy yoga gear. Unconsciously, her hands flew to her hair, still brown and twisted into a messy topknot. She cringed. No words formed and she hated to appear rude.

“Well thanks, you don’t look so bad yourself.” Mentally, she face-palmed herself.

Seriously? The plan, stick with the plan.

“I guess I’ll be seeing you around, then?”

“I’m sure you will.” She shrugged, waved and continued toward her destination. The last thing she needed on her new mission was a distraction. She didn’t glance back as she hurried toward the car her mom had let her borrow. One more item she needed to get.

Once in the car, she succumbed to the urge to steal one last glance at Caleb in the rearview mirror. As she headed to class, something told her she’d need more than downward dog to help her relax.

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